Please read our announcement below about our "LIMITED REOPENING." ITEM RETURNS and CURBSIDE PICKUPS: Patrons wearing masks, may return library materials in the rear drive-through Book Drop. CURBSIDE PICKUP: Please place your selections on hold through the Library Catalog. (Please Note: Inter-library Delivery is now available. Items received from other libraries will be quarantined for one week so please anticipate delays). You will be notified when your order is ready for pick up and may come any time during our pick up hours (Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. and Mon.-Thu. 6:30-8:30 p.m.) calling 978-399-2300 from the parking lot to collect your item. We now offer "BOOK THE BROWSE TENT" and "LAPTOP ON THE LAWN." Please check back for updates on our virtual offerings and collections.

Upcoming Kids Programs

Saturday, October 31, VIRTUAL, ON-DEMAND

Mummy at Mystery Mansion with Sciencetellers

Sciencetellers return to the library with another fantastic virtual, prerecorded event. Frankie and Casey visit their uncle for his annual Halloween party only to find out that a creepy Mummy has been scaring everyone away. Some say the house is haunted, but Frankie and Casey have a different idea. Join them on their adventure to unravel the mystery of the mummy! Along the way, you’ll explore some spooky and exciting science concepts about blackouts, mummification, and more!

This free VIRTUAL program is generously funded by the Friends of the J.V. Fletcher Library. The link for this program is available now – watch it at your convenience!

Click on THIS LINK to go to the video online. Be sure to scroll down to see the content! Here’s a quick breakdown of what will be available to you for this show.

VIDEO: Just press play, sit back and relax. The video will play straight through without interruption. This is great if you want to play the video for a group without having to having to pause and click something on the screen, or if you want to add your own commentary.

VIDEO + INTERACTIONS: This is your chance to do some self-guided learning and go deeper into the story and content! There will be times that the video will pause and need a response from you. You might be asked a question, or be prompted to click a part of the screen. You’ll also get lots of pop-up factoids and have the chance to click buttons for additional information. 

BONUS CONTENT: Want to get even more out of the show? Check out the bonus materials for fun activities that you can try at home!

Registration Mother Goose

Starting September 29, Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:30 AM until New England weather tells us no MORE! Register from our Events Calendar.

Due to increased interest and being mindful of the Governor’s guidelines for no gatherings over 50 people, and the need for contact tracing, Mother Goose had been changed to a REGISTRATION program. You need to register to attend this outdoor, in-person bi-weekly program for babies and preschoolers.

Be sure to list each person who is attending (you can enter up to four names, including yours when registering) – BABIES AND ADULTS.

The first name entered, Registrant, is the person with the library card. For now, this program is open to Westford library card holders only. We are so hopeful that Mother Goose can come back in some larger format in the spring but for now, this is what we have to do in order to keep everyone safe and to abide by the state guidelines. Thank you for your understanding.

Registration opens for each week on MONDAY at 6 AM.

If the weather permits (no snow, no rain, no gale force winds, no temperatures under 55 degrees), we will be OUTDOORS and SOCIALLY-DISTANCED on the grass between the library and the church. We will set out markers to socially distance families – since the ground may be damp from dew, please bring a blanket or portable chairs.

Youth Services staff will be masked and performing for you live on the lawn. Masks are required for all who attend except for children age two and under. Please help your children maintain social distance from other families.

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