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Star Scavenger Hunt

  • Kids
  • Star Scavenger Hunt

16 stars are placed around our beautiful new website – funded in part by the Friends of the J.V. Fletcher Library. Can you find them all based on the clues we give you here?

Click on the link below and print the table of clues.

Print this table of clues and write down where you find each star.

NOT ALL STARS ARE AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE – you will need to scroll down to find some of them!

For example, if you were looking for the link to the Westford Public Schools, you would go to the About drop down menu on the Main page. From that drop down, you would select Community. That takes you to a page that has a link to the Westford Public Schools. On the table of clues, you would write it like this: About – Community.

Find them all and win an entry into the Summer Reading Program for the Squishmallow Astrid!


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