Starting Monday, March 4 and most likely continuing for several days, a geothermal test bore will take place in the library parking lot to determine the future energy source of the new library. The public should expect that parking will be impacted for several days as the rig arrives, drills, then is removed. Some level of noise will also be a factor as drilling will be followed by a generator running to conduct a conductivity test. We apologize for the inconvenience.

February Vacation Week Programs

We have three exciting events scheduled for February vacation week and the best part is that you can ZOOOOOM in from where ever you are: away on vacation or stay-cationing at home!

We are planning a variety of Earth Day – themed programs for April vacation week that will take place outside and in person. Check back after February vacation for more information about these fun and unique programs..

Click here for more information about our February vacation week programs

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