Reminder: Town Meeting is on Saturday, April 27, 9:00 a.m. at Alumni Field - Westford Academy.

Just for Kids!

The Youth Services Department at the J. V. Fletcher Library is dedicated to offering a diverse array of programs and collection formats so that children will have a reason to want to visit us again and again. Our goal is to have our youngest patrons look forward to seeing the Librarian “who knows their name” and is interested in, not only what they are reading, but how they are doing!

We realize that sometimes a child races up our Children’s room ramp intent on seeing the gerbils or playing with the train set, but whenever possible we try to forge a connection with them.  In a world where people are often too busy to stop and say “hello” to a child, we want a place where children feel welcome, special and confident; a place where they can ask a Librarian for help, or just pass the time discussing rainbow fishes.

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