Starting Monday, March 4 and most likely continuing for several days, a geothermal test bore will take place in the library parking lot to determine the future energy source of the new library. The public should expect that parking will be impacted for several days as the rig arrives, drills, then is removed. Some level of noise will also be a factor as drilling will be followed by a generator running to conduct a conductivity test. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Sunday Hours Suspended for 2024

As a cost-cutting, protective measure, the J. V. Fletcher Library Board of Library Trustees voted to suspend Sunday hours January through April in 2024. This Trustee decision was made in light of current and impending budget pressures. The impetus behind this as well was:

  • This reduction holds down current costs — and holds down projected costs —ensuring that state-mandated funding levels are met by Westford
  • This retains the J. V. Fletcher Library’s state certification —
    • so Westford residents can avail themselves of the collections of all Commonwealth libraries
    • so that the Town will continue to receive annual State Aid To Public Libraries funds, and
    • so that the J. V. Fletcher Library meets the regulatory grant criteria mandated by the Board of Library Commissioners

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